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Supporting Open Access Publishing: Recent experience at the University of Oregon

20 October 2009


How can universities support their faculty in open access publishing? The question gained visibility in September when several premier research universities announced the Compact for Open Access Publishing Equity, which commits signatories to supporting “gold OA” publishing – scholarly publishing in journals that are free to the reader and have a different business model to replace subscription revenues. One emerging business model relies on author fees, and has prompted several universities to establish policies to help their faculty pay those fees. Such subsidies are still experimental, and raise interesting questions about appropriate uses of library collection funds, the relationship between “gold” and “green” open access, and the differences among disciplines in their approaches to open access.

This presentation will discuss university support for open access publishing and gold open access in general, and report on one particular initiative, the University of Oregon’s OAPS grants to faculty for OA author fees.


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