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Stone Soup Group

1 January 2012


The overall project of Pacific University School of Occupational Therapy students, Jaime Yoshino and Catherine Steele, aimed to address the concerns and quality of life of women and their support systems facing a diagnosis of breast and reproductive cancers.

Previous ties and connections were made through advisor Nancy Krusen and graduated students (Nicole Teixeira and Stefanie Fendrick), with the local non-profit organization Breast Friends. Breast Friends’ mission is to ensure that no women goes through cancer alone, by minimizing fear and isolation of cancer with programs and resources that empower emotional support and hope. They provide several workshops, informational packets, one-on-one support, and programs to help women, their family, friends, co-workers and community through the cancer experience. Breast Friends collaborated with previously stated Pacific University students and advisor, to express the desire and need for a multi-professional, educational support program for women recently diagnosed and/or actively receiving treatment for breast and reproductive cancer.

The proposed program, Stone Soup Group, intends to provide holistic approach to address a variety of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health concerns, through six bi-monthly sessions lasting for approximately 90 minutes, at Pacific University Health Professions Campus in Hillsboro, Oregon. We hope to have various healthcare professionals, community resources, and volunteers present sessions on a variety of topics. The overall outcome is to provide education, support, and community resources through a multi-professional approach, in order to promote quality of life for women recently diagnosed or currently receiving treatment for breast and other reproductive cancers, as well as all those effected by the trauma of cancer.


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