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Fig. 27: Various incipient symptoms of periodontal disease

1 January 1939


Quite a variety of symptoms, some beyond the incipient stage, can be seen: the septal gingivae are engorged, shiny, shortened and of a cyanotic or reddish discoloration; the upper left central incisor, with the cervical part of the root partly exposed, has an asymmetric gingival recession; over the lateral incisor may be seen the beginning of a gingival cleft; the gingiva over the cuspid shows recession and an inflamed soft, glossy festoon; the first bicuspid shows marginal gingivitis; the gingiva over the lower right central is swollen, shiny and of a cyanotic color, indicating the probable presence of a pus pocket underneath. It may be noticed also that the mouth is especially filthy over the upper left lateral incisor and cuspid where caries has already established itself on the exposed root surfaces.

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