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Who Are You and How Do You Move?: A Study Proposal

26 January 2019


Only 21% of U.S. adults meet the recommended guidelines for physical activity (CDC, 2014) despite of widespread advertising of the power of exercise to improve health and prevent disability. Racial minorities and older adults, growing parts of the U.S. population, are even less likely to meet these guidelines (CDC, 2014). This study will take three approaches to better understand the role of identity in exercise engagement among Black older adults (BOAs). Quantitative inquiries will explore the relationship between physical activity identity, physical activity participation, and physical function. Qualitative inquiry will explore how BOAs conceptualize physical activity and relate it to their concepts of self. Outcomes of the studies will be used to gain insight into whether identity has a role in physical engagement and function in a minority older adult population and whether it could be leveraged to improve healthy activity engagement.


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