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Diagnostic informational summaries of common learning-related visual conditions

1 September 1999


Diagnostic Informational Summaries of Common Learning-Related Visual Conditions were designed to aid in the education of patients, parents, and teachers. The project addresses 10 of the most commonly encountered visual problems associated with learning: 1) accommodative insufficiency, 2) convergence insufficiency, 3) convergence excess, 4) divergence insufficiency, 5) divergence excess, 6) strabismus, 7) amblyopia, 8) suppression, 9) oculomotor dysfunction, and 10) binocular dysfunction. Each one-page back-to-back informational summary includes a description of the condition, common causes, signs and symptoms, treatment approaches, and general recommendations to support in the successful management of the condition. Through increased communication between parents, educators, and optometrists, these informational summaries help children benefit the most from their vision therapy programs and assist in identifying others in need of vision care.


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