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Comparison of peak eccentric torque produced by the knee musculature of young and older male adults

1 May 1991


The purpose of this study was to compare peak torque values for isokinetic eccentric contractions of the right hamstrings and quadriceps of 15 young male adults (ages 20-30) and 13 older male adults (ages 50 and older). The eccentric flexion/extension ratios of the two populations were also compared. Eccentric testing at 120 degrees per second was performed on the KIN-COM isokinetic dynamometer. The results of the mean difference in peak torque for the hamstrings and quadriceps between the two groups of subjects indicated that the younger group had a significantly higher (p < .0001) eccentric peak orque than the older group. The mean difference between flexion/extension ratios of the two groups indicated that the young group did not significantly differ (p < .9917) from the older group. These findings illustrate the decline in isokinetic eccentric peak torque of the hamstrings and quadriceps with aging.


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