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Fabrication of parallel-plate gradient refractive index prisms

1 January 1982


A thin parallel-plate gradient index prism was produced by allowing an index modifier, KN03, to diffuse into a vertical column of clear hardening resin sandwiched between two thin plates of glass SOmm on a side. The hardening time of the resin was prolonged by using a smaller amount of hardener than was customary. This allowed for a period of three weeks time in which the potassium nitrate had to diffuse across the resin. At the end of the three week period a permanent gradient index prism was produced in which modifications in the refractive index of 0.015 and prismatic effects of 0.22 centrads were obtained across the prism. The refractive index and prismatic effects were highest nearest the potassium salt and decreased as the distance from the salt increased. A unique use was also explored for the AO radiuscope; determining gradient refractive indices.


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