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Function of media usage on male body image, sexual assertiveness, and sexual satisfaction

1 January 2016


In the United States, media is consumed in large quantities and previous research has found that media can be influential on behaviors and perceptions. Researchers have found that media exemplifies a cultural standard related to male bodies and sexual scripts. Media exposure has been found to be correlated with body dissatisfaction and low sexual satisfaction. There has also been evidence of positive relationships between sexual satisfaction and sexual assertiveness. This study was designed to examine specific types of media consumption and levels of media utilization related to body image, sexual satisfaction, and sexual assertiveness in adult males. Relationships between body image, sexual assertiveness, and sexual satisfaction were also examined. Participants included 265 male volunteers, ages 18-62 years, who took an online survey. The results of the present study found relationships between body image, sexual assertiveness, and sexual satisfaction. Media related results included sports and fitness television, adult content television, high consumption levels, comedy television, and Internet adult content. Outcomes corresponded with prior research results in the field.


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