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The Effect of Testosterone Therapy on the Mortality Rate in Men Suffering From Diabetes Mellitus

8 August 2015


Background: Low testosterone level is common with aging men and is associated with many adverse outcomes like diabetes mellitus (DM). In addition, men with low testosterone and DM have increased mortality risk. This review looks at the effect of testosterone therapy on mortality in men suffering from DM.

Methods: An exhaustive literature search of available databases using Medline-OVID, CINAHL and Web of Science was conducted using the following keywords: testosterone, diabetes mellitus, and mortality.

Results: The initial search of the databases yielded 58 articles. A total of two articles, both observation studies, met the inclusion criteria. The articles demonstrated decreased mortality rate in treated men with low testosterone suffering from DM.

Conclusion: In both observation studies, testosterone therapy is associated with decreased mortality rate in men with DM. However, due to the studies’ limitations, further studies are needed to confirm the data.

Keywords: Testosterone, mortality, diabetes mellitus, therapy.


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