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Pacific eyes: A website for education on diagnosis and treatment of ocular diseases

1 May 2002


As primary health care providers, optometric physicians need to be knowledgeable about the general anatomy and physiology of the whole human body, not just the eyes. With this emerging role, it becomes difficult to grasp every specific detail of signs, symptoms, etiology, treatment, and epidemiology of all the possible ocular diseases and their relationships to systemic diseases. Occasionally, a patient may walk into the office with a rare disease or a combination of signs and symptoms that just do not seem right. This would necessitate the need to use a reference text or consultation with a colleague in order to provide proper care for that patient. "Pacific Eyes," a Website for education on diagnosis and treatment of ocular diseases would be the perfect "on-line colleague" to consult. There is also the convenience of entering key signs and symptoms that the patient presents with and performing a search for all the possible ocular diseases that present with these characteristics. Another benefit of consulting this site rather than a reference text is that information on the selected disease can be printed and sent home with the patient for educational purposes. Patient education is an often forgotten portion of a comprehensive examination.


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