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The interactions of learning disabled and non-learning disabled students

1 December 1993


The issue of mainstreaming learning disabled students and whether these students are accepted socially into the peer groups of a regular classroom is the topic of this paper. The purpose is to determine if learning disabled students are or are not accepted socially, to what extent, and what influences this acceptance or rejection.

The observations utilized in the research are of two ninth grade boys and one ninth grade girl, all of whom are learning disabled. The findings indicate that in general these students are not accepted by their nondisabled peers. This may be due to lack of maturity or knowledge of social skills. In contrast some of the students may be accepted due to outside factors such as athletic ability or teacher attitudes.

The bulk of the research focuses on specific interactions between learning disabled and nondisabled students and what affects these interactions. In addition, information from previous studies is included to provide additional information on this subject.


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