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The self-help group affiliation interest inventory: A preliminary study

25 July 1995


Alcoholics Anonymous is utilized by many chemical dependency treatment programs as an adjunct to treatment. Many individuals choose to utilize Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) to stay sober but many do not utilize AA. The Self-Help Group Affiliation Interest Inventory was developed to assess the attitudes and beliefs of individuals early in treatment, with the goal of differentiating the two groups based on responses to this instrument. The inventory was administered to 77 subjects who were attending the first four weeks of treatment for alcohol problems. These subjects were contracted after a three-month period to determine their status in regards to affiliation with Alcoholics Anonymous. The instrument was found to be quite reliable, but seemed to assess only a unitary construct. It could not differentiate between affiliators and nonaffiliators at a three-month follow-up period. Methodological limitations and implications for future research are discussed.


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