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A clinical evaluation of the hydron toric and bausch and lomb toric self contact lenses

1 January 1982


A clinical evaluation of two currently available toric hydrogel lens was made. The Hydron Tor ic and the Bausch and lomb Toric lenses are both front surface torics with prism ball aststahilization features. The Hydron lens also employs an inferior truncation and an aspheric back surface. First fit success rate for the Hydron lenses on 27 eyes was 40%. An increase to 72% success was achieved after one lens reorder and 76% were fit after a total of two reorders. Len::es had been worn for periods ranging from one week to six months. Of 27 eyes fit with the Bausch and Lomb lens, 71% were still wearing the initial lens fit after one to four weeks. Further data on these lenses i s forthcoming in Part II of this study. Physiological difficulties with the Hyd.rons were the primary reasons for failures, this resulted in l ens reorders, most frequently due to lens tightening, or to edema caused by the thick lenses. Stabilization was excellent for all types and magnitudes of astigmatism in the study. Bausch & Lomb offers limited parameters and some stabilization difficulties were encountered with all types of astigmatism but more frequently with against the rule types .


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