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Academic sucess characteristics and obstacles

1 January 1996


The following paper examines the reasons why certain high school students succeed academically. It reviews existing literature on the subject, and attends especially to the theory of resilience, put forth by Dr. Michael Rutter, 1987, and Y. Huang's work on characteristics of successful Asian students in American high schools (1995). Both give reference to obstacles to be overcome, and both give their individual hypothesis as to how and why success is met.

The group observed for the paper was a collection of seniors and juniors in a Northwest city high school . Observation took place during the Fall of 1995. Approximately 150 students were observed, with an Honors class being the focal point for research. With Rutter's and Huang's principles in mind, the students were observed, surveyed, and listened to in classroom settings, assemblies, and athletic events. The paper's Analysis section gives an interpretation of the results of those observations.


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