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Patient Satisfaction with the Use of PRIME MD in Diagnosing Mental Health Disorders Within a Primary Care and Resident Clinic

1 August 2001


Objectives-to evaluate the degree to which participants are satisfied with the use of PRIME MD as a screening tool of depression in a primary care setting.

Methods-The study setting was an internal medicine clinic at St Vincent's Hospital in Portland, OR. After being evaluated at the clinic by a Physician Assistant Student (PA-S) using the PRIME MD form, a follow up phone survey was completed by a PA-S. A series of five questions were asked and the answers were then analyzed

Results-Overwhelmingly the study participants were satisfied with the use of PRIME MD as a diagnostic tool. They were comfortable with discussing their mental health issues with the PA-S and believe that the survey would be helpful in understanding any mental health problems they may be having at the time of the survey.

Conclusion-The use of PRIME MD in the primary care setting to elicit and diagnose mental illness is both quick and accurate and its use is widely accepted by patients.

Design- Survey; Pilot Study

Subjects- A total of fifty primary care adult patients selected by convenience on which a phone survey was conducted.


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