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Dynamic predictors of recidivism for youths at the Oregon Youth Authority

20 July 2012


The present study added dynamic factors to the Oregon Youth Authority’s (OYA) current risk assessment tools for youth offenders (the OYA Recidivism Risk Assessment [ORRA] and the OYA Recidivism Risk Assessment-Violent Crime [ORRA-V]) , which utilize static risk factors only. It was hypothesized that the predictive power of the ORRA and ORRA-V would increase with the addition of dynamic factors identified from prior research. Using a sample of 385 youths who were released from OYA between January 1, 2007, and December 31, 2007, multiple logistic regressions were conducted. The dynamic variables did not significantly improve the ability of either the ORRA or the ORRA-V to predict recidivism. However, there was a trend toward significance for school enrollment status and family willingness to help support the youth.


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