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Physical therapist's job satisfaction in adult primary care within Kaiser Permanente Northern California region

1 May 2000


Kaiser Permanente of the Northern California region has implemented a new
service delivery model of Adult Primary Care (APC) services. Primary care is an
emerging role for physical therapists. There have been no studies to date
investigating overall job satisfaction or providing demographic data of physical therapists (PTs) in APC. The purpose of this research is to provide demographic
data and to describe the current job satisfaction levels of physical therapists
workingwithin-theAPCmodulesin-the-Northern -California Region of Kaiser .
Permanente. All eighty-three APC PTs were surveyed and 65 questionnaires
were returned yielding a seventy eight percent response rate. The results bf this
study did not reflect a high level of overall job satisfaction (2.8/5). Factors which
were found to contribute to overall job satisfaction included: hourly rate of pay,
the ability to work in APC and the physical therapy department concurrently,
professional support from physicians (MDs) in the module, opportunity for
professional growth/diversity of practice, and the ability to expand knowledge.


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