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Correlates of satisfaction in gay and lesbian relationships: A critical review of the literature

13 December 1996


This thesis critically reviews the literature on the correlates of relationship satisfaction in gay and lesbian couples. Studies have examined such variables as power equality, commitment to the relationship, emotional intimacy, satisfaction with social support, emotional expressiveness, life satisfaction, and gender role-playing. An analysis of 2 various conceptualizations of relationship satisfaction is offered. Particular attention is paid to Kurdek's (1991a) integrative, multilayered approach using -the contextual, investment, and problem-solving models. Special problems and unanswered questions in the literature are also explored c As a secondary issue, this thesis will examine how and to what degree the correlates of satisfaction for gay male and lesbian couples differ from one another, according to the available research. This critical review of the literature is written with the goal of helping clinicians to better understand the issues involved in working with gay and lesbian clients who are in couple relationships.


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