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A study investigating a season's baseball performance while wearing SportSight soft contact lenses

1 May 2002


Background: The use of spectacles with colored lenses in sports is well known. Athletes have worn such colored lenses in an attempt to enhance their performance for a number of years with promising results. The integration of wavelength specific filters into contact lenses may provide significant performance enhancement as well as the visual advantages usually afforded by contact lenses relative to spectacles.

Methods: A small group (N=5) of collegiate baseball players were fitted with SportSight soft contact lenses and were asked to wear them during practices and games for half of a season. The players' batting and fielding statistics from the first and second halves of the season were compared to each other and to those of non-participating team members. All of the subjects were existing soft contact lens wearers.

Results: The test group demonstrated dramatic improvements in batting statistics while wearing the SportSight lenses. Their percentage of statistical improvement in each category far surpassed that of non-participating team members.

Conclusion: The results of this pilot study imply that wearing SportSight soft contact lenses yields marked performance enhancement for baseball players. Future studies involving larger subject pools are warranted to thoroughly evaluate the possible statistical significance of these findings.


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