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Development of a cognitive-behavioral anger and aggression management group therapy program

15 December 1989


This treatment program is planned to assess and treat those issues connected with anger and aggressive behavior which brought the client to the attention of police authorities, courts and probation·offices. Hypotheses, authorities and empirical studies published about the concepts of anger, hostility and aggression are explored and documented . . Those include biological and innate drive theories, ego and developmental psychology theories, elicited drive and motivation theories, learning and schemata theories and social learning theories. Additionally, conceptions of criminal behavior as they relate to social learning theory are explored. Assessment issues and instruments, strategies for treatment, and methodology for delivery are explored and developed. Ethical concerns involved in delivery of treatment in coercive settings are examined and authorities are reviewed. Finally, recommendations for assessment and treatment of assaultive court-mandated clients are made and a plan for evaluation of the program is offered .


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