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Attitudes Towards Sex Robots and Infidelity in Romantic Relationships

22 July 2019


The objective of this study was to explore attitudes towards sex robots of those involved in committed romantic relationships and to explore the association between those attitudes and variables related to sexual relationships with an emphasis on infidelity. 184 male and female participants recruited from Mechanical Turk completed a survey that included collection of participant demographic information as well as their attitudes towards sex robots in regard to their intimate partnership. Attitudes towards infidelity, perceptions of infidelity, experience with infidelity and relationship and sexual satisfaction levels were also collected as well as other variables known to relate to sexual behaviors and attitudes such as: sociosexual orientation, masturbation frequency, attitudes towards masturbation, level of sex robot physical realism, knowledge of sex robots, positive attitudes towards robots, sex-power dynamics, income, education, gender, age, God’s view of sex and religiosity. A correlational analysis was conducted. It was found that infidelity variables relate to attitudes towards sex robots for those who are involved in committed partnerships, especially when there is a likelihood of an emotional bond with a sex robot. Also concluded was that although relationship satisfaction related to participant’s attitudes towards sex robots, sexual satisfaction did not. These, other findings and areas for future investigation are discussed.


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