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Missed Appointments in an Internal Medicine Office

1 August 2006


Missed appointments ("no-shows") can cause provider frustration, wasted time, lost revenue and interrupt the flow of patient care. This study analyzed missed appointments in an Internal Medicine office to look for specific times when no-show rates were highest, and double booking may be appropriate. Schedule information was retrieved for a 42 month period between 2003 and June, 2006 with 15,321 scheduled appointments and 759 no-shows. Frequencies of missed appointments were analyzed according to year, month, season, weekday and time of day. Missed appointments represented 4.95% of all scheduled appointments, with the highest frequencies on Mondays and during the first and last hours of the day. Four specific hours per week were found to have the highest overall no-show rates. Double booking during these times can increase practice revenue by as much as $14,000 per year.


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