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Intraprofessional issues as viewed by physical therapists in California, Oregon, and Washington

1 May 1994


The problem under investigation was a possible intraprofessional conflict in the relationship of male and female physical therapists. The purpose of this study was to identify intraprofessional differences specifically in the areas of leadership, salary, and respect. Differences between the genders on these issues could hinder physical therapy's further progress toward professionalization. Three hundred sixty physical therapists in California, Oregon, and Washington who were members of the American Physical Therapy Association were randomly surveyed by mail. The survey consisted of 15 statements. Each of the statements dealt with either leadership, salary or respect. One hundred eighty two surveys were analyzed. The data was analyzed by gender to study the possible differences in perceived agreement, perceived understanding, actual agreement, and actual understanding. Differences between the genders were found to some degree in each of the four levels of analysis. These perceived and actual differences in the responses of the surveyed population lead to the conclusion that intraprofessional differences exist between the genders in the field of physical therapy.


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