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Integrating curriculum in the classroom

1 November 1996


This is a qualitative study that was done on integrating curriculum in the classroom. My research on the subject began when I started thinking about what was important to me in meeting students' needs and using themes and integrating curriculum to help students better understand those lessons. I was also interested to see how my mentor teachers were integrating the curriculum in their classroom, and to see how well it worked with the students.

There were two questions that I kept in mind throughout the research process. These were: ·"Do themes help in implementing a successful integrated curriculum?" ''Do children grasp concepts better when a successful integrated curriculum is implemented?" The methodology I used to collect the data consisted of classroom observations, interviewing, and a review of the literature.

Through my observations I found that the students in my mentor teachers' class were able to use higher order thinking skills after their integrated unit on birds. At the end of the term, the students were able to do projects that required them to use different forms of information they had been given throughout the term. The results of this study were as I had predicted.


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