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Cardiac rehabilitation: Which health practitioners are involved in treatment of the patient with coronary artery disease

1 May 1988


(From the introduction)

The focus of this research is to learn, from a survey questionnaire, which health care professionals are involved in the acute care and rehabilitation of the patient with coronary artery disease. Based on selected criteria, the purpose of this study is to provide an overview of cardiac rehabilitation in a cluster population sample of California hospitals, and a total population sample of those in Oregon and Washington. This analysis is an effort to document the present role of the physical therapist in existing cardiac rehabilitation programs within the hospital setting. There appears to be little physical cardiac rehabilitation programs therapy within participation in the Portland metropolitan area. This, in part, may be due to physician disapproval of the physical therapist in cardiac rehabilitation programs in the states of Oregon and possibly Washington as well. It is hypothesized that physical therapy involvement in cardiac rehabilitation is under-utilized overall, but is more aggressive in California than in the Pacific Northwest. It is further hypothesized that the size and type of hospital will affect physical therapy involvement in cardiac rehabilitation. The examination of survey results will analyze factors that may influence and support these hypotheses. It is the objective of the researcher that this information may lead to re-evaluation of current cardiac rehabilitation practice to include the specialized physical therapist as a vital member of the cardiac rehabilitation team.


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