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Advances in patient communication

1 April 2000


This project will help in communication between the patient and the intern. The emphasis will be on providing to the patient a description of their condition through a printed page by means of the computer in the clinical setting. The printed page discusses what the condition is, it's signs, symptoms, treatment, and prognosis. Also included on the page is a picture if appropriate and an area labeled "notes" for the intern to include pertinent exam findings and special patient instructions. To provide this page of information we created web pages to be located on the College of Optometry's web page. The internet address for the college is The home page of our project includes a title, a logo, a list of common conditions, a disclaimer, and our names. From the home page each condition has a link to its own page. The relevance of this project is in providing a patient with take home information, and in creating another route of communication between the intern and the patient. This in turn will help to increase patient returns and patient compliance.


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