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The Intermingling Relationships Between Dogmatism, Religious Orientation, and Prejudice Within Different Religions

23 July 2018


This study examined the relationship between dogmatism and religious orientation, and their influence on a non-prejudice measure, universal diverse orientation. Six religious orientations were examined: intrinsic, extrinsic (social and personal), indiscriminately proreligious, indiscriminately antireligious, quest, and immanence. Participants were obtained from major Christian religions and the nonreligious. Data were analyzed using correlational, multiple regression, and mediation analyses. There were several novel findings. For atheists, dogmatism and universal diverse orientation were significantly positively related. All other significant correlational findings for this relationship in the other religious groups and in the sample as a whole were in the opposite direction (a negative relationship). Dogmatism was found to mediate the effect between intrinsic religious orientation and universal diverse orientation. Finally, past studies have suggested further research with quest orientation. This study found quest orientation to be the only religious orientation consistently related to or predict universal diverse orientation. However, the small religious subsample sizes obtained for this study require further investigation into the relationship between dogmatism, religious orientation, and prejudice.


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