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Successful classroom management

1 August 1997


What is classroom management? What do you do to create a positive classroom environment? Classroom management is without question an important issue for all teachers. This study explores what contributes to successful classroom management in high school Japanese language classes. It will research possible strategies and explore those found to be effective in the classroom using a qualitative approach. The observation took place in one public high school Japanese classroom of a veteran teacher throughout a single year. The classroom had a positive atmosphere and students were motivated towards studying the japanese language. Observing this successful classroom, this study researched "What do teachers need to manage the classroom, especially in high school japanese language classes?" This research consists of the literature review, report of observations, analysis and conclusion. The Literature Review focuses on five planning areas for effective classroom management and the importance of each of them. The section of observations report the high school teacher's techniques and strategies as observed in practice. The Analysis section focuses on the effectiveness of this teacher's classroom management based on interviews with the teacher and questionnaires to the students.


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