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Home schooling

1 July 1995


My research in this thesis examines the subject of home schooling. Specifically, I look at the reasons parents are home schooling their children, how home schools and public schools can cooperate and integrate to educate children, and the higher education opportunities for home school students. My review of the literature presents information on why parents choose to home school their children, profiles of home school families, academic achievements of home school children, socialization of home school children, and how home schools and public schools can work together. My methodology includes observations of home schools, interview of parents and students, interviews of school administrators, interviews of college admissions personnel, and a survey of home school parents. My findings present information in three categories. The first category deals with why parents choose to home school. The second category focuses on ways to effectively link home schools and public schools. The third category discusses higher education opportunities for home school students, including admissions requirements and any barriers encountered. I conclude my thesis with an interpretation and analysis of the information presented, a discussion of the limitations and constraints of my research and methodology, and presentation of questions that could be pursued in future research.


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