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Age Related Changes to Correlations Between Scores Obtained on the Wechsler Intelligence Scales and the Delis-Kaplan Executive Function System

25 July 2005


Previous research has yielded conflicting answers to questions about the relationships between scores obtained on tests of executive function and IQ tests. This study correlated scores on the Delis-Kaplan Executive Function System with the Wechsler Intelligence Scales-III for 197 participants between 8 and 64-years-old. All of the participants had been referred for neuropsychological assessment. When all age groups were included in the analyses, Delis-Kaplan subtest scores generally correlated positively with Full Scale, Verbal, and Performance IQ scores. Even executive function tests that do not requite a verbal component were correlated with Verbal IQ score; similar even tests relying solely on verbal comprehension and responses were correlated with Performance IQ score. There were more, stronger, correlations for adults than for children. While the hypotheses that the scores would be correlated were supported, for some age groups some of the Delis-Kaplan subtests were not correlated with IQ score. These findings support the use of both intelligence tests and executive function tests in psychological· assessment, and make a case for developing a test that examines both domains.


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