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Volunteer optometric care in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico: An analysis of refractive status and pathology

7 May 1990


This paper will describe the results of an optometric service mission to the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. A total of 26 people travelled to the city of Merida, which included optometrists, optometry students, and non-optometric volunteers. In sum, 1269 patients were screened for ocular pathologies and refractive errors over a period of four days. An evaluation of the types and frequency of the ocular diseases will be presented. Similarly, the statistical analysis will be presented on the refractive status, age and gender of all those seen. Results indicated pathologically that 467 people (27.2%) had one or more ocular diseases, and refractively that the average patient seen was approximately +1.25 diopters hyperopic with -1.00 diopter of astigmatism. Mean age was 51.5 years and 73.8% of the population pool was female. The purpose of this study is to assist those who will be performing similar vision care services in Yucatan area by presenting an accurate picture of the ocular health and refractive state of this geographical location.


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