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The efficacy of Quick Care cleaning regimen on Menicon SF-P rigid gas permeable lenses: An in-vitro study

1 May 1996


The goal of this study was to determine the efficacy of Ciba's QuickCARE System on Menicon SF-P rigid gas permeable lenses. An in-vitro study was designed to examine any parameter changes on Menicon SF-P lenses while using QuickCARE. Twenty-five lenses with identical parameters were cleaned for a simulated time of six months. Twenty lenses were cleaned with Ciba's QuickCARE System, two with Allergan's Wet 'n Soak Plus Care System, two with QuickCARE Finishing Solution only, and one lens was stored in QuickCARE Finishing Solution with no mechanical cleaning. Half of the lenses were scooped out of the storage cases and half were poured out of the caseS. The lenses were assessed at 1 week, 1 month, 3 monthS and 6 month intervals for any changes is base curve, power, center thickness, diameter and surface integrity. No significant parameter changes occurred for diameter, power, center thickness, and base curve. However, surface integrity changes were statistically significant with pouring the lens from the case being better than scooping the lens from the case.


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