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Fuchs' spot in degenerative myopia: Clinico-pathological aspects and laser treatments

1 January 1993


This article reviews representative literature on the epidemiology, clinical observation, pathological examination, and laser treatment of Fuchs' spot in degenerative myopia. Degenerative myopia is the seventh leading cause of registered blindness in adults in · the United States. Fuchs' spot is one of the major complications of degenerative myopia. With correct evaluation of the degenerative change in the macula of the myopic eye, appropriate vision care can be provided to reduce the probability of blindness. Fluorescein angiography is of great value in the detection and localization of subpigment neovascular membranes. Laser photocoagulation shows a beneficial effect on the final visual result in some cases. Fuchs' spot results from two different stages in the development of a hemorrhagic disciform macular detachment in myopia. A knowledge of the exact mechanism of chorioretinal degenerations in the myopic . eye must await future research.


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