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The effect of age on achieving the brachial plexus tension test position

1 May 1993


Several studies have been undertaken to examine the response of the brachial tension test (BPTT) on an asymptomatic population in order to come to an understanding of what the normal response is to the test. These have predominantly used a young or limited age group. In this study, 57 subjects between the ages of 20-83 were tested to determine whether or not age had an effect on the BPTT. Age was found to be independent (p>0.05) of the BPTT as was gender, activity level, occupation and handedness. Results indicate that these factors are not a contraindication to the application of the BPTT. There were some limitations to this study however. One was that the age groups were inconsistent in size. Secondly, some of the subjects had slight changes in upper extremity or neck position during the test. Lastly, subjects could have had a possible bias in reports of pain since they had advanced knowledge about the normal response to the test position.


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