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A study on the effects of class size on parents, students, and teachers

30 June 2004


This paper is about class size reduction and how it affects teachers, parents and students. I talked about what is class size and focused on how it affects people. I researched how people were affected by completing surveys and one-an-one interviews. After looking at what teachers, parents and students said, I reflected on how I was affected by my class size. I chose this topic because I had a chance to teach with a class size of eighteen (small class size) and then taught with a class size of thirty (large class size). The change in class size helped me realize the difference twelve students can make and I wanted to investigate further the effects of class size. In my paper you will find teacher accounts, parent and students' comments, and finally my reflection on teaching a class of twenty-eight. All this information helped piece together the puzzle of how individuals are affected by class size. Although it left me with more questions, I have gained a better understancling of the effects of class size on teachers, parents and students, and hopefully I am a better teacher because of it. In conclusion, I found that all involved, parents, teachers and students, are affected by class size. I learned they were affected emotionally and that had some bearing on their attitude towards school and teaching. Overall I discovered many believe teaching a smaller class size has great benefits but putting it into practice is a great obstacle that has yet to be overcome.


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