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Development and examination of an individualized online adjunct to in-class education

25 July 2008


The present study was an investigation of the effectiveness of an individualized class website serving as an adjunct to traditional in-class instruction in improving class performance, class attendance, and the overall class experience. Participating individuals were enrolled in either an undergraduate-level cognitive psychology course consisting of in-class instruction and a generic, non-individualized class website or in a similar course with the same in-class instruction and a class website that contained highly individualized information (i.e., automated individual feedback on test performance, personalized study suggestions based on test performance, and a personal record of class attendance). As hypothesized, individuals in the individualized section performed significantly better on exams as the class progressed. No significant differences were found, however, in class absences between the two course sections. A significant positive correlation between the number of times the class website was accessed and final class average was found only for individuals in the test section.


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