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Evolution of educational reform in Oregon: The certificate of initial mastery

17 August 2000


Politicians, voters, teachers, and ,parents generally seem to agree that our educational system needs some improvements. But how to improve the system is a point of conflict that is sparking heated battles in communities across the 'country. This qualitative study examines the history of Oregon's educational reform and the evolution of the Certificate of Initial Mastery (CIM). The study focuses on how new standards and educational mandates have changed (or not changed) the educational experience for Oregon's children. I begin the examination with Vera Katz, the original sponsor of the ClM, and trace 'some of the steps that propelled the CIM to become what it is today. As a very important part of the study, I have included a literature review of articles written by many experts in the field of educational reform. Their perspectives remind the reader that the issue of educational reform is being debated nationwide, and that everyone seems to have a different perspective on how to solve the "problems" in our educational system. The data collected and examined come from a " suburban Oregon high school, and point to the idea that, in many ways, this reform is not producing results that strongly differ from the old system. The conclusion examines the two ideologies battling over educational reform, and resolves that until the two camps can find common ground, this battle of educational reform will never be won.


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