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A comparison of the clinical performance of two frequent replacement toric hydrogel contact lenses

1 May 1997


A clinical study was performed between two frequent replacement toric soft contact lenses. The following clinical comparisons were made: parameters of the empirical fit versus parameters of the diagnostic fit; number of trial lenses required to achieve the best diagnostic fit; behavior and fit of the diagnostic lens versus the dispensed lens; behavior and fit of the dispensed lens at one week and one month; subjective reports on vision and comfort in the morning versus late in the day and lens handling. It was observed that the empirically calculated fit varied equally from the best diagnostic fit for both brands. Statistically there was no subjective difference in vision, comfort or lens handling between brands. However, a trend was observed that subjects tended to favor the CooperVision lens with regard to handling. Lens reproducibility was also shown to be more accurate for the CooperVision Preference lens.


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