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The Family Allocentrism Idiocentrism Scale: Further Convergent Validity Exploration

24 July 2009


In order to improve measurement in cross-cultural research it is necessary to find a reliable, ingroup-specific scale along with effective priming methods. It is hypothesized that the Family Allocentrism-Idiocentrism Scale (FAIS) will show convergent validity with the Self Construal Scale (SCS) and the Horizontal and Vertical Individualism and Collectivism Scale (HVICS) and that the pronoun circling task will be effective in changing perceptions of self-reported family connectedness as measured by the FAIS. The sample consisted of 58 university students recruited through e-mail. Results indicated that the pronoun-circling task was ineffective at changing perceptions of self-reported family connectedness. Furthermore, the results indicated that the FAIS had moderate convergent validity with the HVICS. However, the FAIS was found to significantly positively correlate with an unexpected subscale in the SCS therefore indicating poor convergent validity.


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