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Citizenship education and the classroom

1 October 1994


Current research suggests that three factors are critical in creating a good Citizenship education program: (1) teacher exhortation and modeling of citizenship; (2) creating a democratic classroom; and (3) direct participation in civic activities. In a limited case-study of one teacher and his classroom, I looked for if and how each of these three factors were met in light of creating a successful citizenship education program. My research consisted of direct observations, formal and. informal interviews, and a formal questionnaire. I observed two A.P. U.S. History classes consisting of a total of thirty-nine students, most of whom were high school juniors, and a teacher with over twenty years experience as an educator in the field of social studies. It is my hope that the following paper can provide valuable insights into how one can incorporate the three vital elements into their own classroom, what works and what does not work, and what could be modified or improved in the educational process to better shape and mold our students into more active, responsible students.


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