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The Impact of Familial Ethnic Socialization on Parenting

5 April 2019


Researchers have identified the important influence family has on ethnic socialization. Most of the existing research focuses on the influence that family has on children but does not expand into adulthood. This study addresses the gap in the literature by examining whether the way in which one has been parented impacts one’s parenting style with regard to ethnic socialization. This question is examined for current and prospective parents. In this study, we first found that parental ethnic socialization did not significantly differ between current and prospective parents. Second, we found that greater familial ethnic socialization is significantly correlated with a stronger parental ethnic socialization for both current and prospective parents. These findings suggest that parents can consciously incorporate aspects of their ethnic background(s) into childrearing in order to encourage stronger ethnic socialization in their children and even further generations. This is especially relevant for anyone who may be concerned with how acculturation may impact future generations.


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