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The ocular anatomy coloring book

1 May 2004


Author Abbie M. Jordan combined her visual learning style with a love of anatomy to incorporate this study tool useful for optometry students. With the guidance of Dr. Lee Ann Remington the pair has written, drawn, and edited two editions of The Ocular Anatomy Coloring Book. This book illustrates a combination of anatomical structures and creative shapes involved in the study of vision. It is intended to be used as a fun and abstract visual tool to facilitate primary learning of the ocular system and its components. As an accompaniment to ocular anatomy texts and lectures, this book should help to form a mental picture ofthe many interconnections and relationships of anatomical structures. During the first year of distribution, 2001, the book was used by 50 members of the Class of 2004 at Pacific University College of Optometry and 25 members of the Class of 2005. With minor editing and corrections a second edition was produced and distributed to 47 students of the class of 2006. Alterations for the 2nd edition included some grammatical and spelling changes, as well as some drawing simplifications and additions. After the completion of the 2003 Ocular Anatomy course at PUCO a survey and questionnaire was given to all those that had purchased the book. Results of this survey are included in the following attachments. As shown, 97% of the students commented that they would recommend the book to incoming first year optometry students and 83% agreed the book helped them to learn ocular anatomy. Students were also asked to make comments and suggestions for the book, which are included in attachment three. The general consensus and conclusion was that the book attained its goal of helping optometry students better learn ocular anatomy. Students found it both 'simplifying' and 'helpful' with one student writing the book helped them "to get visual idea of the structures which is a good mental 'picture' to refer to when studying." The Ocular Anatomy Coloring Book will continue to be available for all incoming optometry students at PUCO. Professional publication is currently in the works to make the book available to other optometry schools across the country.


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