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Current educational reform & the changing nature of U.S. history curriculum

1 December 1994


Individuals and groups are often at odds as to the best way to achieve success in the classroom. Reforms over the past century have taken many forms: changing content, methods, pedagogy, and governance. Today, Oregon schools are faced with balancing mandated changes from both the national and state level. The National Education Goals, The Oregon Educational Act for the 21 st Century, and Oregon's Proficiency-Based Admission Standards must all be given weight in the mandated changes occurring in Oregon schools. This study focuses on the changes these three reforms have had on U. S. History curriculum at Eisenhower High School in suburban Portland, Oregon. Emphasis was placed on observing changes in the areas of content, method, atmosphere, profession, and attitude. The three reforms have had little impact on content while substantially altering methods of instruction. Additionally, no impact was visible in classroom atmosphere. However, profession and attitude have both been profoundly influenced by the reforms.


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