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The effects of eye cosmetics on the ocular physiology of hard contact lens wearers

30 January 1980


Fifteen successful hard contact lens wearers applied mascara and eyeshadow to their eyes for eight days. Two out of the three following types of cosmetics were worn in succession : hypo-allergenic, water soluble and non-water soluble. Objective evaluations included: (1) changes in the tear film, (2) inflammatory responses of the conjunctiva and lids, and (3) amount of deposits on the lenses. Subjective evaluations included: (1) easability of cleaning of the lens, (2) degree of itching and irritation, (3) degree of overall comfort when wearing contact lenses and eye cosmetics. Evaluations were conducted on the fourth and eighth day of cosmetic wear. While certain individuals experienced problems with cosmetics and contact lenses, there was no significant difference between the specific types of cosmetics in the rate or severity of problems encountered.


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