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Annual price & usage comparison of three rigid gas permeable contact lens systems

20 May 2000


There are many current studies which aid the patient and physician with annual cost and usage values of various soft contact lens care systems. However, evaluation as to the annual cost and usage of rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lens systems is left undocumented. This study will determine the average annual usage and cost by a patient for three different RGP lens care systems. Ten established RGP lens wearers were assigned to one of three Boston® RGP solution systems for a thirty-day period. All bottles were weighed prior to and after the study period. Determination of annual usage and cost per patient was calculated according to remaining solution volume and the number of days the solutions were used. The average annual cost comparison of Boston Simplicity™, Boston Original®, and Boston Advance® shows the Simplicity™ one-step system to be the most cost effective. Annual usage results indicate the Advance® system is used less than either of the other two systems. The Original® system is the most commonly used. Annual cost and usage comparisons will enhance patient compliance and satisfaction, aid physicians with care system evaluation, and improve RGP care system development for all contact wearers.


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