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Stuttering: To disclose or not to disclose

26 July 2013


The present study was an examination of the relationship between and among disclosure of stuttering at three time points, social desirability bias, memory recall, and ratings of persons who stutter (PWS) on 13 personality traits. A total of 82 adults ages 18-64 participated in the present study. There were four hypotheses in the present study. First, that disclosure of stuttering would affect participants ratings of the PWS. Second, disclosure of stuttering would affect memory recall of monologue content. Third, gender differences in listener ratings would be observed. Fourth, social desirability index scores would covary with participants’ ratings of the PWS. Results indicated some support for all hypotheses, although while in some cases initial analysis were nonsignificant, post hoc tests revealed interesting findings in all domains. Implications for clinicians and future research directions are discussed.


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