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Rejected children

1 January 1996


John Coie's (1990) theory of developmental disorder suggests two important factors which contribute to a child being, rejected, social behavior is a major factor in the rejection of children, and peer groups play a role in the child's status as being rejected. Through my investigation, I observed the behavior of three fourth graders and one second grader, who displayed some of the characteristics of rejected children according to Coie's research. A sociogram, which was administered on the fourth grade classroom provided me with information on the fourth grade students I observed. The sociogram also provided characteristics of people with whom the students would and would not want to work. A survey was also conducted on the fourth grade class, which provided information on the peer group's influence on rejected children. Based on observations, the sociogram, and the survey, results were inconclusive in supporting Coie's theory, although information gathered will be a contributing factor for my success and the success of other teachers in dealing with rejected children.


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