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The relationships among teasing attitudes, teasing experiences, and binge eating among overweight women

13 December 1999


Fifty-five overweight and obese participants recruited from the Internet completed surveys measuring binge eating, body image dissatisfaction, teasing history, and current teasing attitudes. Frequency of childhood teasing was significantly correlated with greater body image dissatisfaction and binge eating symptoms. In addition, body image was significantly correlated with binge eating severity. There was a significant correlation between generalized negative teasing attitudes and body dissatisfaction. Contrary to expectations, binge eating symptoms and body image dissatisfaction correlated positively with positive attitudes about aggressive or malicious teasing. The present study expands the literature on eating disorders and teasing by including a population only minimally studied thus far, overweight females with varying levels of binge eating symptomology. The study suggests that overweight participants with greater body image dissatisfaction and binge eating do report different teasing experiences than those with less body image and binge eating concerns.


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