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Factors influencing the public's choice of eye doctors

1 May 1990


A questionnaire was developed to sample a general population in order to ascertain the relative importance of factors influencing the choice of an eye doctor. The questionnaire also sampled knowledge and personal preferences with regard to eye doctors. Of the 160 respondents 38.8% have been to an optometrist, 13.1% to an ophthalmologist, 34.4% had been to both. 1.9% were not sure, finally 11.9% had never been to an eye doctor. The strongest drawing factor leading to a choice of an eye doctor was that he stays current in his field. This population also shows a low reliance on the media, including the yellow pages, to make their choice. The majority of the respondents have no preference in terms of the eye doctor's age or gender, and those who solely visit ophthalmologists tend to be more loyal. Finally, basic knowledge of an optometrist includes an underestimation of schooling required, as well as not being sure what vision therapy involves.


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