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Pacific University College of Optometry contact lens web page

1 May 1997


Within the web page for the Pacific University College of Optometry, there are several web pages relating to the services provided at the Family Vision Center Clinics. This particular web page provides a brief and concise overview of contact lens services. The information on this web page is intended for the patient who is browsing for information about contact lenses. Rigid gas permeable and hydrogel lenses can be used for the management of refactive errors, astigmatism and presbyopia. Wearing schedules effect ocular health and can be addressed using a variety of lens types, including disposable lenses. Tinted lenses, such as opaque and enhancing tints, can be used to alter eye color. Treatment and management of ocular disease, post-surgical and post-trauma patients can be enhanced with the use of contact lenses. A web link to a listing for Pacific University clinic sites is given.


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